Town News & Info
Town Office
Fire Department
Elected Positions
Assessors Holly Emerson 525-3515  
 Jacki Robbins 525-7706  
 Linda Oliver 525-7770  
CEP Director Mario Tribuzio 525-4445  
E911 Officer Jacki Robbins 525-7706  
Emergency Preparedness Mario Tribuzio 525-4445  
Fire Chief Ken Clements 525-3281  
General Assistance The Selectmen 525-3515  
Planning Board Abby C. Williams 525-7719  
 Alison Rector 525-3104  
 Bob Tinsman 525-3194  
 Elsie Gawler 525-3505  
 Philip Dalto 323.9394  
 Rick Hillman 525-9908  
 Seth Yentes (Chair) 525.3323  
Recreation Committee David Diak 525-4431  
 Mario Tribuzio 525-4445  
 Mike Moody 525-6621  
Selectmen Holly Emerson 525-7720  
 Jacki Robbins 525-7706  
 Tyler Demere 525-3505  
School Board Frieda Mavor 525-3515  
Town Clerk Janet Aitken 525-3515  
Appointed Positions
Animal Control Officer Cindy Ludden 722-3205  
Code Enforcement Randy Hall 234-4006  
Conservation Comm. Ann Fogg 525-4414  
 Joan Cheetham 234-2689  
 Paul Jacobi 525-7734  
 Rebecca Childs 525-4420  
Fire Permits Ken Clements 525-3281  
Librarian Marge Sheridan 525-4428  
Plumbing Inspector Randy Hall 234-4006  
Road COmmissioner The Selectmen 525-3515  
Town Hall Area Code 207 525-3515  
Tax Collector Barbara Moody 525-3515  
Treasurer Brenda Dennison 525-3515  
Monroe Elm. School School Secretary 525-3504  
Mt. View High SChool School Secretary 568-3255  
Post Office Area Code 207 525-7786  
Town Office FAX Area Code 207 525-6602 
Note from webmaster

Check out the new hours for the Monroe Transfer Station; they're now open even earlier then ever.


The PLANNING BOARD now meets (as of JULY 2016) on the 3rd MONDAY of every month at the Town Hall @7:00pm.

More improvements will be made as the new layout is implemented.

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8 Swan Lake Ave.
Monroe, ME 04951

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